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About Scholar Shoppe

Scholar Shoppe came with a concept to serve the student community

Who are we?

We are World’s first and largest aggregator of students needs for the student community

What we do?

We bring 150+ global manufacturers directly to your doorstep to reduce the cost without compromising on quality.(M2C – Manufacturers to Consumer).

What is for you?

Unleash and Experience the power of collective buying and Gifting

•             Freedom from MRP.

•             Where you can save from 10% to 250% on each item.

The power of collective buying – “COME TOGETHER BUY TOGETHER


Vision and Mission


“To be World leader in Aggregation for Student community to save their cost and maintain the quality.”


“To achieve by opening stores inside educational campus and nearby area for procurement of the community need and help them to earn money for their self-support.”


Why Scholar Shoppe?


We need to understand what is aggregation, how it works and how it gives you benefit?

We don’t do any black magic -: we invite you to take part in the aggregation process of a particular product, of which we are able to generate the volume to meet the minimum need of manufacturer to produce the product. That’s how you get the product directly from manufacturer (M2C).

The other method is – if you are looking for a particular brand which we don’t/can’t produce, in this case we negotiate with the brand manufacturer directly with the volume and pass you more discount.

 Let’s understand in a practical example:-

Suppose you need a Pen, - You normally go to a retailer and buy it on MRP. But you don’t get any discount as your requirement quantity is less. But when you buy the same from Scholar Shoppe through aggregation process, you get the same thing lesser price than MRP where are as you buy the same quantity. That means the Pen you bought form Scholar Shoppe for which the price was negotiated for thousand pieces through aggregation process.

That’s why you need to buy from Scholar Shoppe



The power of collective buying: – When you are not part of any aggregation process of Scholar Shoppe, you can still avail more discounts from Scholar Shoppe too. How?

When you are buying any product, call for the liked product buying people. Instead of buying alone buy collectively.  For example – a class monitor can buy for whole class, a batch can buy for whole batch, a group of parents can buy for their children, a school can buy for the whole school, a leader can buy for their mates. So make a community to Come Together to Buy Together.



We at Scholar Shoppe create a bridge between you and the manufacturer –


If you look at the side distribution channel flow chart, you will able to understand that the product before reaching you goes through various distribution channel. So definitely there will be overload of multiple channel costs like their commission, stock holding cost, logistics cost, interest on investment etc. on the product which you buy.


On the top of that there is advertisement cost, media cost, endorsement cost and trade promotions cost of the product also paid by you.


But here we redefined the distribution channel to give you the products directly from manufacturer.


 No third parties, No commission agents, No endorsement cost, No advertisement costs etc.


We bring 150+ global manufacturers directly to your doorstep to reduce the cost without compromising on quality.




FREE from MRP:-

Whatever you buy from Scholar Shoppe will be less than MRP of the product; it’s because of aggregation buying process or collective buying process – “Come Together to Buy Together”. Here you can save minimum 10% to 250% on your buying.



You don’t have to be expert to select the product and about its quality. Industry experts over 30 years of experience are working with Scholar Shoppe as consultants, who keep guiding us about the Materials, Products, Process Engineering and Costs. They will guide you on each material, its pros and cons, its product costs and process engineering. They will give you multiple options to choose the product.



As we have industry experts having 30 years of experience working with us, who will guide you about the quality and cost with multiple options, so choose whatever you want for your need. So quality issue is addressed then and there.



We at Scholar Shoppe believe that “You should pay what you use”. You should not pay unnecessary because of advertisement cost or product is being endorsed by big celebrities. So No Bachhans, No Kapoors, No Thalivas endorsement cost. Believe in quality and its cost.



Scholar Shoppe is the one stop solution for all student needs, from top to bottom – Caps, Uniforms, T Shirts, Sweat shirts, Hoodies, Blazers, Shirts, Pants,Ties, Bags, Belts, Tracks, Shorts, Socks, Shoes, Water bottle, Notebooks, Stationeries, Umbrellas, readymade uniforms, garments, sutings, shirtings,sarees, mementos, gifts and many more student’s needs. 

Also we merchandise the products required for Events, Conferences, Get-together, and Union etc. The products we deal with for it are Business cards, Posters, Banners, Brochures, Magazines, Flyers, Danglers, Standees, Canopies, Back Drops, Notepads, Folders, Stationeries, Mementos, Souvenirs, Trophies, Eco Bags, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Key chains, Badges,readymade uniforms, garments, sutings, shirtings, blazers, suits, gifts and many more customized goodies. Please visit our nearest Store or Merchandising page or Help Center or FAQ for more information.



Scholar Shoppe provides you the facility to customize the products online from its online web site www.scholarshoppe.in for free of cost. Here you can see your virtual products before production. Here you can choose your products and add texts with lots of available fonts, styles, colours. Can add lots of clip arts, upload your own images and lot more. Please visit our nearest Store or Merchandising page or Help Center or FAQ for more information.



Scholar Shoppe goes to great lengths to ensure that all orders are filled accurately and on time and are of the highest quality. Accordingly, Scholar Shoppe accepts returns and will refund payment if and when customers are disappointed by Scholar Shoppe merchandise for one of the following reasons:

(a) The blank items themselves are materially flawed, means manufacturing defect products;

(b) The quality of the decorating (i.e., the printing or embroidery) is below a reasonable range of expectations; or

(c) The design of the final product is materially different from the final design submitted by the customer.



eGearz – Geared for Life – is our brand, you will get all your products under this brand. The eGearz brand is a royalty free brand for its community. eGearz belong to the community members, it’s by them, for them and to them.Its users endorse the brand themselves without any cost. To know more about the brand please visit www.egearz.com . Visit our Store nearest to you to see the products physically.

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